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So, I’ve been spending these past 4 days for testing an apps that is an integration between my company and other company. Their developer came to Jakarta just to solve the development, so we were working side by side. 

I’m not a tech girl. So I was there merely to give moral support for my developer and gave everyone their needs. Starting from food, sharing the archive of developments (both companies change the PIC 3 times)  up to tech requirements by contacting my team (you will find this hard to believe, but communication in this company is complicated). 

The pressure is real, for both companies. And I feel like the burden is start burning me. So, no wonder, I had nightmares 4 days in a row related to the testing. Last night was the worst. Everything was green, each time I click the apps button or the link, I was suck into this jungle with so many ghosts. It was so scary, that I scream and having panic attack when I know my husband is not in bed. 

Well.. Aside from the dreadful testing (can’t imagine how was my developer feeling.. Poor him, and I’m basically useless).. I enjoy the testing too. S and G are such a good companion. All these time, I only met them through Hangouts. S turns out to be so naive and optimistic guy, G is laid back yet a good communicator. 

Funny thing happen when S tried to order vegetarian food and the restaurant didn’t have the food that he wanted. It’s so ironic, because he built the apps. And the next day, he told me he will go to Bali. I’m so excited to hear this and at the same time, I feel worried. It’s like his my son. Lol. I know you will find this unbelievable, but he’s far too nice that I’m worried some people would make advantage of him and other developers. 

“So, Astrid.. I’m going to Bali with Lion. I heard that airline is not that good.” I’m trying to chill, and said, “Well.. The airline mostly delay.” He explained to me that he has connecting flight to Bangalore, and it would make everything a mess, if he miss the flight due to delay. 

On lunch, G told me that he was answering S questions by saying, “Well the airline is good, but sometimes they crash.” OMG Glenn 😵😵😵 

So, when we finally have to bid adieu.. I said so many wejangan to S. For example, do not buy mushrooms lol, try Arak Bali, how to pick a cab in the airport, how  to choose money changer. Lol. Hope everything is went well for the Indian boys. And they have fun as they are working so hard these past 4 days. 


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