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It was almost 12 years ago when we first met. I went to your gigs as an assignment from my boss, feeling annoyed because 1) I had fever 2) I didn’t like your band. 

I didn’t know your name. But a friend of mine seems bit too excited and she asked me to help her to have a picture with the band. And you’re the only one who accepted the request. 

Do you remember all of the silly questions you asked me? And I was so annoyed by your friendliness. 

Then we met again. I brought my tele, and while I was trying to capture the moment your band playing the songs, you gave me the big smile. At that time, it felt different. It was like your happiness is so contagious and I smile back at you. 

Through many hiccups in our relationships, these ridiculous  moments keep intact in my mind:

1) When you forgot to pick me up from Gambir because you play football  and I was crying in bajaj,  feeling like shit..

2) When you were having motorcycle accident and didn’t pick up my call because I was with somebody else..  

And now here we are. Do you remember when we didn’t have any penny left after our wedding reception? It felt so bitter back in the days, and looking where we stand right now.. it felt so content. 

We are so different, and many times it is so exhausting.. But when we finally make amends with ourselves for the sake of our son, I know that we were made to compliment our flaws. 

I love you, Al.. 


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