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A friend of mine is going through a divorce. Messy, I suppose, judging from the way she handled her social media. I’m sad for their children, although some of my friend’s children are turn out to be the bigger person in the whole devastating process. 

Then it got me thinking, does every divorce has to be messy? To be honest, once in a while I’m thinking about taking divorce, and quite frankly I feel liberated. I have the utmost confidence that I’m gonna be okay shall I join the same road. 

The cost of divorce is not cheap either. I Google and found that a lawyer could cost you approximately IDR 25 mio. A  good one cost much bigger fortune, IDR 65 mio. Aside from the expenses, you also have to sacrifice your time to deal with the process itself. 

Some of my friend made a deal to not to come to the trial in order to speed up the process. Mom said that’s the best way to have a divorce. 

Anyway.. Just what I mentioned above, that adult on their divorce process, most of the times turn out to be childish. I have one friend who up until now (6 years I guess) haven’t told his parents that he and his ex is no longer bound by marriage. Another decided to post each gruesome facts about his soon to be wife in the social media. Not to mention those who keep their child from their mother or father.. 

How about the child!? Well, apparently they are okay. At least in the surface. And I’m thanking God for giving those little pure soul such a big heart. Being the shoulder to cry on for their parents, being a diligent student at school. And most importantly, it’s business as usual, yep being a happy kid. 

And now the big question is do I feel I need to have a divorce. Not now I guess. Though sometimes, this marriage feels more like a torture, I think my pain tolerance is still bearable. Yet I have an exit plan, on how to do the divorce, how to have a life post divorce, etc. 

For some people, it will be considered to speak ill. But for me, prep is what makes everything on track and I find comfort in order. As my mom said, nothing immortal in this world, including your husband love for you.. 


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