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Monthly Archives: December 2016

I enjoy me time by scrolling timeline. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Path. It’s fascinating how we could see so many minds collide virtually. We didn’t have to ask their opinion since everyone share their opinions. The haters, the lovers, the wise, the neutral, the list could go on and on. 

I change my vote from Ahok to no vote at all just because I see how mean his lovers are. Some even calling them Bani Ahok, which I think it’s suits them. They treat Ahok like some kind of prophet and they act holier than thou. 

Well, actually.. My resentment to Ahok started because of his leadership. As a corporate slave, I know exactly how vicious words (not to mention his staff record and publish those actions in YouTube ) won’t get u respect. Never in my million you will get respect by belittle your employee. 

And his buzzer keeps buzzing and stinging. Spreading hatred for money. Yuck. 

Couple days and weeks ago, Aksi Bela Islam held in Jakarta. I used to hate demonstration. But then timeline scrolling open up my mind..  that the rally is one of the consequences of democracy. So, I lower my ego. I now know for sure anyone could have opinion, we are free to express ourselves. Freedom of speech. 

And I cried when I saw Jokowi didn’t event have the courage to meet the people. This is ironic. I remember at the beginning of his regime, he told media that he expected to be demonstrated by his people. Yet at the day, he choose to AWOL and tweeted, “Seperti biasa, kerja” while he made visit to airport project whole day. Then he made statement about coup de etat blablabla

Yes he came to his people at the last Aksi Bela Islam. But what did he do actually? Nothing. Some short meaningless speech. 

The world revolves to one vicious person. And I won’t vote for him. I won’t be blinded. 

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