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Max teaching Caroline Life101

I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls for a while. At first,I was annoyed by the casts voice. All of them are talking in high pitch mode. But then, I grew fonder of Max. The street-smart girl, who talk bold and loud, and accompanied by two enormous boobs. I swear to God, her girls are BIG and BEAUTIFUL. LOL. 

Anyway.. Max is another definition of: Fun. She has lot of shitty things happen to her, yet she manage to uplift her mood and her surroundings with her attitude. Now I’m not talking about sugar coated talk, she’s truly sarcastic but no one will feel upset with what she said. 

You don’t have to be so dramatic

Kudos to Michael Patrick Kings (Sex and The City, Will and Grace creator) and Whitney Cummings for creating Max Black character. And also the script writer. Oh God, I wonder what the writers eat, drink, and smoke. 

Deke took Max to his place. Dumpster or a very minimalist rustic studio apartment lol. And Max more than happy to get the third base with him. 

And Max, a fictional character taught me to laugh at each silly decision you made. Life sucks but at least you can just laugh it off. 


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