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My son is so unimpressed when I'm "driving"

One of my worst nightmare is driving through the hills in my hometown. The uphill road is narrow, yet steep. Well, as any other nightmare, I vanished into the brink.

Driving in my mind? Endless stress.

My spatial ability is so bad I can’t even tell a difference between left and right. I’m afraid of the street, especially crossing the road, since I was hit by a motorcycle back at high school.

Time passing by. My husband rarely at home. We also have a baby. And only God knows why my baby is always getting sick (the last one was worst, he admitted to the hospital and we stay there for a week) each time my husband is working abroad.

It’s ironic. Since we have a car at home.

So I figure.. Hey let’s learn to drive (again). Yes, I took driving lesson back at 2014. Unfortunately, the trainer is so annoying and impolite. Don’t you ever go to ArRahmah for driving lesson.

This time, I go to Ulisa. Much more expensive but they have AT car and the trainer is so much better. He’s supportive and patient enough to deal with my panic attack.

I feel amazed by myself when I go through the flyover or trapped in traffic jam. It’s like a dream come true. It’s unbelievable. I can do this.. Yes I can!

Can I?


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