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My new year eve? I watch dvd, munching KFC, and finally sleeping. And I also begin my Water Dragon Year with blood, lots of blood.

I had horrible dreams.
First dream was I was about to be married with another guy. And Al was there. He just stood there with sad face, and I couldn’t help to cry. 😥
I woke up and I think I told him about the dream and he held me like he always did when I’m having nightmare.

Well folks, that’s not all..

There was a second dream. FYI, I’m a girl who can’t stop having multiple dreams in my sleep. Believe me, it doesn’t feel good. I usually waking up so very damn tired because of dreams I had.

My second bad dream was my office but we’re not working as we’re supposed to do. We were going to school. I was getting ready to go to school with R, my colleague. And then somebody knocking my door, a young girl and an old man, giving me a terrible long skirt. “You must wear this and also a hijab,” said the old man. I said, “But I’m not wearing hijab.” Yet, they forced me to wear that horrible skirt and of course a hijab. R saw me, and he said, “Seriously, Cit?! You’re gonna wear that thing to school.” And I remember perfectly I said, “Please don’t say that.. You know I always try my best..”

The next thing I knew I was crying in my sleep. Kinda loud it made Al woke up. I think I need more than three minutes to realize that I was having nightmares. I opened my eyes, touching my butt, and nightmare wasn’t over at that hijab thing.

I’m having my period, 2nd day is always the worst. I bleed all over my pants, my sheet, my bed. Not a tiny drop, ya! It was blood pool, like someone has been doing massacre on my bed. I wonder what Dexter would say if he saw my blood pool. “This woman only use regular-pad and she didn’t sleep on her side like she always did, maybe she’s having a rough sleep. She must be forget to wear her whisped-32cm-overnight-pad. Terrible mistake.”

I’m embarrassed. I don’t want my hubby to see the mess. Of course he just go back to sleep, yep he’s that lempeung. So I washed my underwear and my pants. I opened my bathroom door, the sheet and something to cover my bed above the sheet (I forget the name) were already on the floor. I washed it, and I asked for his help because to hold the clean part of the sheet, hubby woke up, he helped me. I said, “Sorry u have to see all this blood.” He said, “Ah, it’s okay, it’s normal..”, and I said, “Yeah, when I have your child in labor someday, it will be worse..”

Happy bloody new year, I guess. Don’t forget to wear 32 cm menstruation pad, girls.


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