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In any days, u’ll find someone that makes u giggling for silly reason. Or bumping with stranger who smells like your boyfriend, and suddenly, u just miss him. But sometimes, you’re just plain unlucky and meet someone that bugging u.

The last perp could make our brick of happiness ruined in seconds. Unexpected, so u had no clue what’s wrong with their head and their heart. And without even realizing it, u feel fury and rage screaming in your blood and bone. U let the perp win by easily ruining your mood, your feeling, and your brain.

Yes, just because a perp ruining 15 minutes of 24 hours that we have, we easily forget how happy our day was. No, it’s not about how many kaching we have today, or how good our score card last month..

Happiness could be starting to put your money for good reasons, having lunch with your besties and talking about your super weird dream, or seeing best friends after office that could ease your mind, accidentally meeting your old buddy who speaks “perfect” Sundanese, smelling your boyfriend scent when riding motorcycle.

So let me count, there are five things that makes u happy. And yet, u let one thing ruin everything. Don’t u think it’s a bit dramatic? Why, I mean why, u surrender to an ugly evil who try to steal your shiny day. That’s weak. Put this in mind, don’t let the perp drag u to their wrecked life and let em win the battle. Those who hates you simply jealous of you.

U ought to be happy for every moment that makes u one. U have the right to put away troubled-people stay out of sight of your mind. U don’t have to make everyone to be happy. Moreover u don’t have to be nice to people who treated u harsh. Just be the casual hello-goodbye friend. No need to gushing here and there. Coz that’s useless.

Put yourself as first priority, professional on your job, and be nice to yourself by filling every cell of your body with happiness, because happiness is a state of mind. And no one can take that away unless u let them.

Happy November 2011


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