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Sending invitation via postal service or delivery service such as JNE has become my problem nowadays. I had bad experience with JNE couple years ago while I still in Bandung, yet my courier (because apparently I had no time to send it by myself) send my package for my parents and my sister in Surabaya with JNE.

There is, no.. There are lotsa problem with this JNE thing. First, I used YES (yakin esok sampai) type, but they send my package so late. And, I’m 100% sure, if I’m not calling their call centre, they won’t even delivered my package. 😦

Even my sister hasn’t received the package, yes until today which is two weeks late, because according to them, my sister’s address is unknown. While my parents is sending her package like zillion time with postal service and has no problem at all.

E, who’s working at JNE (he’s my ex boss), promise to help my package delivered back to me. So.. You know, I’m not trusting this JNE thing. What YES?! YES my ASS. Sorry E, but I’m truly disappointed.

So because of my awful experience with JNE and my boyfriend sending invitation via postal service that ended successful.. I thought, okay let’s give it a go. But you know what, service went bad also at this place, Tanah Abang to be exact.

The officer ain’t friendly or professional. I got heated argument with her because of her attitude. She’s flirting with another stupid pricky customer for 20 minutes (maybe I’m exaggerating), and I was pissed off. Hell sure I went bazooka at her and made a scene.

I was so angry that I don’t remember word by word what I was saying, furiously, at her. Guess what? I checked via postal service web, and I got 3 invitations went AWOL. “Data tidak ditemukan” while I got the nomor resi or proof of my package’s data and intend to call the complaint centre. I clicked, over and over again, but the link went nada. Great website, huh?!

I could easily print out invitation labels for my friends, but that’s not the problem. Astrud Gilberto song, “Who Can I Turn To?” is my bottom line for the problem. Private service ain’t working well, while postal service is suck. I know I can easily emailing my friend, but sending real hard copy invitation is more intimate, and I have a thing for intimacy. Dudududu.. cheesy side of me. Moreover, I like the invitation 😀

Maybe the best way is just sending it personally. But who has the time?

You know what?
Everything, every single thing even the smallest one is annoying for me lately. And I’m so afraid of people translating my snobby attitude into bridezilla syndrome. But then, why should I care about friend who cares for me only in the surface and only able to be annoyingly kepo 😀

I can do this.
In the end of d-day, I’m gonna smile happily and starting my new chapter with him. As my future sister in law said, “Ga ada lagi temen, yang ada ya kamu dan Acit.”

Some invitations still AWOL, but two of em is delivered today.
And, JNE promise to send package to my sister’s office.


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