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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Having bills are definitely not a bliss.

More like chaotic, intense, and mentally exhausting. But somehow I have to face this whole deal with the devil for three years, yet I’m sure I’m gonna be okay. After all in May, I won’t be alone. I’m gonna have my eternal bolsters. Such a bliss.

* this is an update for this post

(After) we pay our bills, then maybe we can chill

I’m random, I mean super random.

For instance, I love Bjork, but in the other hand I also love Britney Spears. One of my concert-wishes is Portishead but I don’t mind spending my kaching to eye witnessing Black Eyed Peas stage act.
I may not cool enough for referring Fringe as my favorite series, but I also dig Pretty Little Liars.

Though I think, being random and honest about it aint a sin. And I’m not ashamed of it. In an interview with Eka The Brandals when my friend, L, asked him about his guilty pleasure, he corrected the term by saying, “If it’s pleasure, why do we have to feel guilty?”

But for real, what I consider to be my seven deadly sins are these:
1. Eating too much junk food. Nyahahaha, wait.. You have to read the rest. KFC is always my first choice when it comes to junk food, and one night (yes deadly sin it is munching fried chicken at night) I called them, and the operator told moi that I can have a card which I can use till I die for free snack and a wing bucket in my bday. To get that red card, I have to buy cd from them. “Juliet atau Cinta Laura?” D’oh of course I pick Ms. Cinta Laura. Yep, I’m cheap and sinful.

2. Drinking too much caffeine. I used to hate coffee but then somebody named IQ and Amir (the barista in my office) introduce me to this drink. Though I’m not an expert in coffee, but I love cappuccino more than another mix of coffee. My SuperBoss gave me an article about coffee and personality, the piece said cappuccino drinker are optimistic and bored by detail, so not me. But it also said that we love imaginative sex (do u mean masturbating while imaginating a pillow as your man?).

Anyway, today.. Err one day in weekdays I tend to spend too much money for coffee, it’s like my MO. And while the research said drinking coffee is good for your health, it also mentioning just drink it once a day and black coffee is the best. Cappuccino with sugar on it doesn’t make the count to the healthy list. Yes, another sin.

3. Chain smoking. By the way I miss canabis. Ha! Anyway, I smoke a pack ciggies for 1,5 day. Horrible habit. I start my day with smoking, doing my errands with smoking in between, and ended my day with you-know-what, yes smoking. If you know me back in the days, I’m a smoker hater, now look what I’ve become, a heavy smoker. Talk about licking your own shit.

4. Sushi. Yes, I also hated fish, then L introduce me to an omega-3 water animal named salmon. Since that day, I’m crazy for sushi. And, yes some expert said sushi is goody-healtyh-joy-jepun-dish, but I seems forget that mayo dipping aint good for my cholesterol and calories. In Jakarta, sushi with mayo is common and everybody’s favorite. So who should I blame for this sin? After all, I aint a health freak, I’m just a woman who crave for sushi. *another justification* Ehm, my latest sushidiction is pipi salmon. *gooey eyes*

5. I speak to myself, loud and clearly, and sometimes I curse for no reason. Two of my colleagues report this odd behavior who apparently feel insulted by my monologue. I read on some article, that this whole talking-to-yourself is stress symptoms. Well, I’m a very ‘thoughtful’ person, I think every scene that happen in my life and brought it into my dreams. Yes, I’m stressed out each day and not proud of it. Sometimes I feel only Dumolid can ease me. But, now I’m trying to reduce my odd habit. I don’t wanna risk my career because of this.

6. I’m naïve. Yes, you may not believe this. You can asked me about anything about getting laid, but I’m naïve and you can easily trick me from the tip of your finger. I’m an introvert, but once I talk to stranger whom I met regularly, eventually I trust them with all my heart. Many times, all I get is backstabbing baby bala bala bala bored just fuck it, bitch. Hahaha.

7. Investing my money… into dvd. Dozen of them. Never get bored of it. I just can’t get enough. And I spend too much it scared me. But since that’s only my safety net from harsh reality of life, I don’t care. Well I care, but fuck it. The thing is I live thoroughly with my dvd. I sucked them into my brain, implementing every wisdom in their dialogue, and promoting them to mi amigos. My mini heaven is watching dvd while leyeh-leyeh in my bed, falling asleep, and waking up rewind the dvd to watch it back, and so on. Wow, quite an environmentalist, eh?

So God, please forgive me for I’ve sinned.

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