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I have lunch with same person everyday in my office, but every lunch has different story.

Most of the times, we talked about our goofy life. Sometimes we talked about our work. Either way, it’s fun to have them as my lunch buddies. We had our own cameo, either that the boss of my friend who’s ridiculously funny, our our colleague in the company. Every time we bump into a different stories that make me and my friend laugh.

I stick with Manado’s menu while others jumping around from one stall to another stalls. I choose to smoke vigorously with my Marlboro Light, while she choose to smoke occasionally, and the boy is nicotine-free. She talks like a curious kids who has dozen questions, he acts like a typical nerd from high school.  She’s currently in a unidentified relationship but she seems loving the boy. While the other one is already put a ring and has a cute kid at home.

So yes, three of us are different in every each way, and I don’t know why god put us in the same table for almost 6 months. But you know what, all is well. And I’m enjoying the companionship of them. And we are sushi lovers. So that’ll do the rest.


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  1. true story!

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