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I like quoting quotes from my favorite movie or series. Lines of dialogue or monologue that pausing my life for a frame of time. Yes, I admitted my english is not that good, so I have to pause the dvd as well. Hihihi.

If you’re into Twitter, there’s a lot of quotes account that you could RT if you feel that’s the best words to express your current mood. But I’m not following any, not my cup of tea.

So tonight, my boyfriend quoting something from his witty yet crazy mind. He might be a joker in daily life, but sometimes he could be witty. Basically he’s saying his thought, and for a simple man like (but I always believe he’s more complicated than me, he’s just good hiding it) him, every wise words are easier for me to digest it.

When I was furious about a friend who backstabbing me, he said, “You know, you talk about people, bad mouthing about them. So you don’t need to be that angry when people talk bad about you.”

He’s right.

Or when I was feeling cranky coz my friends didn’t lend a hand to arrange this wedding, he said, “Well, you told me that you feel low when you ask others help. So basically, some of these are your fault.”

He’s right. Again.

And tonight, he’s tweeting about his what define us mere mortal. He said, “There is no I am what I am, because what define us are our surrounding.”

He’s right. Again. Damn.

Hours before, when I feel nausea because of irritating things happen in my job, I tweet. “Okay, time to learn not take office thingy to home or Twitter. Heart may be bitter, but giddy up.” Basically that’s bullshit. It’s just me trying to convince myself not to ‘talk too much’. Yeah, again the same problem. Not proud of it.

What struck me for saying those shitty twit is I don’t wanna be that lame-o persona who keeps complaining, spreading negative things around em. And how am I doing on that track? Nada. I know I know it’s useless to tell people about your problem. But I can’t help it, most of the time. Meanwhile, what we typed in our Twitter and another media, don’t forget what we said to others are what defining us. People judge every time they breath.

Okay, I’m gonna try it. I’m not gonna wasting my time on waste junky prick problemo. I must!

Lucky I have you, my solitude blog. I can pour down all my whiny bitching to you. Or else maybe right now I’m pouring down my tears and become the lamest woman alive.

Lucky I have him too, by the way.


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