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I guess, everyone is prepared for good news, and never ever gonna be well prepared for bad news.

I received bad news today. Well actually, I got a hunch since couple weeks ago. Why? Because I’m way too optimist facing the deal with devil. It’s not a bizarre thing for me, ever since I was a kid who understood that 2+2=4, I know for sure that big in optimistic is a blunder. Either I lose or I got the 2nd prize.

Apparently, bad news for today is making everything that I planned back to square one. I’m kinda pissed off, since I have healthy financial record, I also invest my money in the right investment. Guess where the problem is? Hmm, it’s because I don’t have Jakarta id. How suck is that? And to spend my hard-earn-money for bribing civil servant, yeah just by thinking those schemes, I wanna puke.

And to make it worst, I tried to talk to some people, just to ease my mind, but my problem getting worse. Since I know, all I get is just sympathy. And I don’t wanna burden people with my sad weepy story, hehe. So I stop my bbm chat at the intro.

I like to keep things for myself nowadays. I don’t believe people are truly sympathetic towards others. What they are saying is just blah blah blah, and then I tend to talk again and again. And perhaps, because I don’t care either if they talked to me. Well that’s not entirely true, I’m a good listener actually. I could wake up at 3 am just to hear my friend’s story. Maybe this whole ‘I don’t believe thing’ is just me trying to convince myself that I can solve this whole messed up problems by myself.

Anyhow, I couldn’t sleep. Crying on my bed, while I smoke, when I took a loo, yeah yeah such a baby.

I hope my bank won’t reject my credit applications, I intend to do this early in the morning. Meanwhile, I have no interest seeing people, not even my besties. I’m scared I’m gonna make them bored with my weepy story.

Oh yeah! Screw you, bank-that-reject-me-because-i-dont-have-id.


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  1. a pessimist is never disappointed

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