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3 Hours Detox

Yes I know, the writing on the paper said 1 week, not 3 hours.
Well, maybe some of you can guess what happen here.
I failed my day 1 detox diet, actually it’s not even 24 hours, I only survive 3 hours. I drank carrot and orange juice, no ice and no sugar and it tasted like shit. Hahaha. During the day, I feel nausea. My back, as usually stiff.

Then, I heard one of my colleague said, “Let’s order Nasi Padang, sounds yummy for our lunch!” Dang it!  I was like drooling and nod my head to my colleagues who knows that I’m on my first day of so called detox diet. And, she was laughing at me. Poor me. Hahaha.

What happen next? Of course I said to myself, “Okay, I’ll begin my detox diet on Monday.” Then, I wrote down my order which is… errr are.. 1/2 portion of rice, ayam pop, cincang, and perkedel. So much for dieting, eh!?

Dududududu.. And, I eat and eat til I’m bloated. Then one of the fattest guy in my office with stinky odor, and guess what, his chair is constantly wet because he easily sweating, come to me and said, “Ah no wonder you’re fat. You eat like that!” Ouch, I snapped back and said, “What? Fatso!!!”

Then, my messenger pop-up, one of my friend IM-ing me, and said, “I heard you couldn’t donate your blood. Huh, must be because you’re overweight.”

Dang it! What’s with people today? They are so mean and insensitive. I turn off my IM, and hit the gym (which I planned since yesterday) with S, my friend. I was doing treadmill, well I’m not an athlete, but I love feeling myself sweaty. Hihihi. I touch my hair, and it’s sweaty, amigo! Hahahha.

So let’s go back to the start. What’s with the fuss with my weight. Because in one week I received many complaints, well they actually mocking me. Calling me fat etc. Then I realized, I wanna look good on May, on that particular photographs, I wanna be healthier.

So that’s why I choose detox diet, which I swear to God, I will do that in Monday. Treadmill everyday in my office plus yoga every Tuesday and swimming every Sunday. Yeah, I’m a girl with lots of PLANS! Hehehehe..

Oh yeah, tomorrow I’m gonna do Reggaeton and Core Motion Class! One of the perks being a journalist is you got the chance having free trial. In Four Season, Baby!!

Wish me luck!

p.s.: my boyfriend is sick, so I canceled my Reggaeton and Core Motion Class. Instead I’m cooking chicken cream soup for him. Get well soon, Al.


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