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Sometimes, when you know that time ain’t luxury that you have, you tend to be impulsive. You make reckless decision that somehow makes you happy.

Maybe, at one point, you just blurt the whole deep buried feeling in front of someone that you (used to) love. Saying, “I’m not happy.” And you flew away to an island with your fling for just 6 hours while your partner blew all the balloons and said, “Fuck you!” repeatedly.

You decide that this time is your turn. Fuck everything else. Stop caring for somebody else. Confronting and reconnecting with your family that has been tap dancing around your life. For once, in such a short time, you eager to be happy for yourself.

"I'll invite you to my funeral," said quirky Cathy.



Cathy did all.
She has cancer, melanoma, yet she didn’t brave enough to tell her family. She keep her big C wrapped around her little finger, and eventually when she decided to tell someone, her estranged neighbor who said her wrinkle skins felt like sweater. Funny thing is when she decided to tell her brother, she said, “In my head, everything more eloquent.” Yeah, you don’t need to wrapped and give a bow in your honesty. You just saying it. Out loud is better.

I wanna be Cathy.
Keep everything for myself. Bad and good. Sad and happy. Because in the end, why should anybody care about your feeling. That’s why I put a big padlock in my heart, because I feel more relieved. Okay, I feel like a winner, something that I rarely have. Yeah, I’m more a whiner than a winner. But, you know, I try.

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