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If I were still student in a so called university of life, I’m gonna keep failing at one particular subject which is friendship.

I’m no good, well I’m a sucker in bonding. Hell, I don’t like it at all. But I keep on trying. I’m a hopeless hopeful femme. For me, friendship or whatever it is, is hell on the loose. It strikes you when you less-guarded.

You know, I’ve been in so many stages of friendship, I would do basically anything for those people. They ping! me in the middle of the night, talking about their boyfriend, crying, trash talking about their husband who cheats on them, ask me to accompany them on my busiest hours, bla bla bla, I always there for them.

And when I needed them, poof they’re unavailable.
Life is so damn funny. Not to mention, all those person in my list who annoy me like hell. Argh.

And then again, this couple of months, I still keep trying. But I guess, I have to make another ending on this chapter of life. Enough, with all these trial and error. My work life and love life are already giving me headache everyday, I don’t need another migraine added in my daily life, wasting my time on people who wasting their time on me.

26 years of trial and error. I think that length of time is enough.
Gonna be unavailable for you, needy people.


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