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Monthly Archives: December 2010

If I were still student in a so called university of life, I’m gonna keep failing at one particular subject which is friendship.

I’m no good, well I’m a sucker in bonding. Hell, I don’t like it at all. But I keep on trying. I’m a hopeless hopeful femme. For me, friendship or whatever it is, is hell on the loose. It strikes you when you less-guarded.

You know, I’ve been in so many stages of friendship, I would do basically anything for those people. They ping! me in the middle of the night, talking about their boyfriend, crying, trash talking about their husband who cheats on them, ask me to accompany them on my busiest hours, bla bla bla, I always there for them.

And when I needed them, poof they’re unavailable.
Life is so damn funny. Not to mention, all those person in my list who annoy me like hell. Argh.

And then again, this couple of months, I still keep trying. But I guess, I have to make another ending on this chapter of life. Enough, with all these trial and error. My work life and love life are already giving me headache everyday, I don’t need another migraine added in my daily life, wasting my time on people who wasting their time on me.

26 years of trial and error. I think that length of time is enough.
Gonna be unavailable for you, needy people.


Hari ini, saya menghabiskan banyak waktu di depan komputer. Ya, sebenarnya tidak aneh, sih. Sehari-hari juga menghabiskan banyak waktu di depan komputer. Tapi, hari ini, berhubung tidak ada pekerjaan yang tersisa plus hari ini amat sangat membosankan. Lihat jam melulu, kok lama amat pukul 6 sore. “Pengen pulang nih!”

Dan, akhirnya membuka blog lama di multiply. Awalnya cuma gara-gara keingetan kalau Monik, Si Anti Jejaring Sosial, punya akun Twitter. Hahaha. Namanya pun enggak kalah absurd dengan orangnya. Sesuai dengan cara dia memanggil orang-orang, “Nyeeeettt..”

Femme Fatale - The Whitest Boys Alive

Tiba-tiba inget, dulu entah kenapa bisa berteman dengan cewek-cewek itu. Cantik, pintar, modis, dan baiknya minta ampun. Saya sering merasa sebagai outsider kalau sedang bersama mereka, tapi nyaman luar biasa.

Jadilah seharian ini saya wandering ke blog mereka. Huu sayang di foto ini, enggak ada Monik. Anyway, seneng sekali, serasa balik ke masa-masa menyenangkan itu. Yang penuh ketidakjelasan (maksudnya, pacaran juga enggak jelas, kerjaan juga masih lamar sana-sini). Dan, tiba-tiba ingat dulu pernah ke kantor cewek-cewek ini lalu nongkrong di kios. Ah, menyenangkan…


Dan, tiba-tiba kangen Al. Gara-gara telepon tadi.
Pulang, ah sudah pukul 6.


I’m tired.
I lost count on June, and now IĀ  have decided to stop counting.

image from here

I used to love Caramel Frapuccino just like what my sister, Britney Spears always order. Ha! After years ordering the same latte, I decided toĀ broaden my taste, by ordering Green Tea Latte or Java Chip. And those mix taste so delicious. Sluurrrpp!

Her Lattest Obsession

Nowadays, I’m all about coffee.
Remember my post about Amir, so called barista at my office who now working as an aid-helper? That’s how I eventually love coffee. Yep, a 3000 rupiah latte.

Now , beside Starbucks, my mind and soul has beenĀ captivated by Nescafe Original Latte. A bit milky and that suit my taste. I never like that hot, bitter, black coffee.

Original Latte!


Anyone up for a cup of joe?

pic of BS taken from here
and pic of Nescafe taken from here

Do you remember my old post about how I used to mock them girls in their 25’ish who badly wanna get hitched? Well after that, now lotsa things that I don’t get, I come by to eventually fully understand.

For instance, why my ethnicity got those gold digger stereotype. I lost count on how many times I rolled my eyes hearing my mom talking about kaching and bling non stop. Somehow, I think she believes that money does comes from the sky. How ironic.

After the big talk with my parents, I realized that this is the REAL DEAL. And that my friend, scaredĀ me to death. All those hopes and of course money thing, made me wanna undo the talking. Because it aint walking the talk. It’s trembling walking so I slipped and my head got hit by rocky road, so hard.

Mine and Yours Bills

Mine and Yours Bills

At night, when I got back from Bandung, my brains couldn’t stop playing my boo’s face, he is shocked. Yeah, who wouldn’t. And I hate it when he’s doing that, coz he’s the easy-go-with-the-flow kind of man. Sad sad sad.

So I go online, browsing here and there, collect some good info and recommendation, do the math by myself. And do I need to remind you, that I’m not a big fan of glam thingy? I couldn’t stop thinking how everything will be go smoother if I was born in a different culture outside this fucked-up border. I’m a pessimist, but that night, I keep reminding myself, that I could save the money in such short notice. Optimus Prime, I tweeted. Ha!

So I brought the news to my boy, and he said, “We should think about renting a home..” Oh well, never ending counting cost for the sake of being hitched legally.

Yes, girls and boys, do save your money to satisfy your parents ego. As the brides said on their blog, “Nyiapin nikah itu enggak pusing, kok. Yang pusing, besoknya harus bayar tagihan.”


image taken from here

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