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I used to be that chatty person. The one who’s not afraid to tell the highlight of my day to anyone. Basically, I have no secret. Then, I laid down on my bed and realized that not every story is worth to tell. People would take me as a jokes itself.

Now, I’m learning to keep things between me and only me. If you read my previous post, you’ll find out what I’ve been promising to myself recently.

Someday ūüôā

Yet, when the good news is coming, or heck the bad news for sure, you’ll be in touch with somebody. Your to-go-person. Here, I called em, my VIP list. ¬†It used to be one person only, now path of life adding a Virgo in it. You may know her by code name, G.

So, Friday and Saturday nite are the time when I spill the beans. One of them screaming happily and saying something that is so her, the other one is holding her face with her narrowing eyes become invisible for a while. The bottom line is I think they are happy hearing the news.

What about me?
I feel weird. I don’t wanna jinx it, but I can’t stand to hold it by myself. Hehe.¬†¬†I feel weird, even more weirder after. Haha.



Next week, I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag to my VVIP list.

You’re Stephanie and I’m Paulette, you know what all my faces mean
Amy Winehouse-Best Friends



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