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Who’s inventing heartache?
Who meticulously describe how its feel?

I feel like riding a roller coaster. Getting goose bump like when I had my first job interview back at 90’s. It’s not the excitement but hurt like someone stabbing me back and forth.

I’m getting anxious every time I see my timeline. I wish muting you will be enough. But, it never will because I know the blunt truth.

Part of me said I need to chill out. The others said I must kill thee who wounded me. But my heart keeps aching, and I despise this sensation. I wish I could kill you instantly, instead you stab me first. And they said time will heal all wounds.

Is it me being sarcastic?
Is it me being selfish?
Or foolishly insane as usual.
I’m sure as hell if I squeeze this blog, blood will be pouring.
Yeah, I’m being too much in every way.

Please be dead on my heart and mind.
Please go away as far as you can.
Please find another body to fuck.

For I’m losing my feeling to you.



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