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“November is all I know, and all I ever wanna know.”

Sara and Nelson are an odd couple.
You won’t see any similarity between those two.
But they beats the odds.
Coz as Nelson said, “You defy every law of nature I’ve ever known.”
So he left his job, watching his ads on multiple television while he’s running on his sports things, dump his girlfriend, just for one person who he meets randomly while he’s taking his driving license test.

When Nelson ask, “Why a month?”, Sara said, ” Because it’s long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to stay out of trouble.”

All she asks is would Nelson be her sweet November, and Nelson said yes, without further asking.

As for me, this is the sweetest movie I’ve ever seen. Or you may see is a cheesy piece, the movie itself flops in the market. But, I remember holding back my tears while I saw the movie. Because some people couldn’t appreciate what they have while it last. They are rushing to fix every mistake, once they know it all come to an end. If not, they will abandon one person that really care about them. Thus, Sara take a lesson from it, a month that really change Nelson’s life.

Nelson is running to the park.
Having a ring beneath his coat.
Sara is there also, hiding while crying.
No matter how bad she wants Nelson, she doesn’t want him keeping bad memory of a dread ill woman. She wants Nelson to remember her as his Sweet November.


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