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So my friend, I, picked random taxi out of the blue while Blue Bird was passing right in front of us. I was scared, even when I’m still outside.

I didn’t even know what cab I was riding on. By the time, we closed the door, the cab driver asked us (not where we headed) “Islam, Kristen?” What the fuck was that. My friend answered “Islam.” And he shouted, “Assalamualaiku wa..” asked us to finish the sentences.

Then he kept talking, I meant shouting about how lucky he was that we picked his cab instead Blue Bird. “Yeah, you’re lucky, I’m scared as shit.” By the way, we already told him that we’ll go to Guntur then Tebet. But, ciiih.. no wonder, he passed my friend’s route. So we have to make a turn, and bluntly he said, “Well, my fee is getting bigger because you guys forgot to tell me where to drive.” Aaaarghh.

My friend safely arrived at her home. Now there’s me. And he kept talking and talking. You know I got lost easily, not to mention when someone blurring my concentration, say hello to maze of Lostville.

I contact my friend, G, via bbm. And she asked me, “What’s the taxi number?” Surprise, there is no identity whatsoever on the cab. Fuck!

U know what happen next?
The olskul trick. Curhat.
I’m sick, didn’t have money, my wife was a slut, blablabla..
Then, here comes the worst part, he preached about virginity. “You know, my wife is a hooker. She’s been used by cops and civil servant. She’s not a virgin when I’m marrying him.” I said, “Then why did you marrying her?” He stupidly said, “Well, I fucked her and she got pregnant, I’m unlucky man.”

Iiiiihhhh.. What the fuck cobaaa?!
What a prick. And I had no energy, didn’t wanna waste any energy I had left, so I answered plainly with a simple yes and oh.

Apparently, he had more things to dish.
He said, “Are you a virgin?”
Whaaaat? Who are you? Where’s your manner? Moreover, did you have brain on your bald head?!
What the IH!!

I said, “None of your business.” which supposedly shut his mouth. But the cab driver kept preaching, and said, “Whoever fuck u first, u should sue him so he’ll marry you.”
Another eeeeek from me!!!
What the fuck.. You have a messy life, don’t you dare put an arrogant opinion about others. D’oh! But he’s a cab driver, a liar who told me had 20 millions, fuck u, prick!

Scary lunatic cab driver!

In the end tarif bawah couldn’t buy you comfortness, I will never ever ride random cab 😦 nuff said, I’m still scared now. Thank’s God, I’m safe and sound..



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