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Who can see us better?
Other people it is..

And sometimes, you can find the horrid yet honest answer from.. you know.. the least expected one.

Who knows that defining what’s love or care or ikhlas could be that hard. What to expect when suddenly you realize that you are more than fucked up. You are just as shallow as other’s whom you teased. You’re nothing but a bunch of bull. Mortal mere who couldn’t even brave enough to be blunt about her true feeling.

Questioning silly questions, wandering about wondering, and else that less essential than the real thing. We are fucked up, shallow, wreck, trash, you name it. We have nothing.

Does the awful truth hurt me?
The hell it is.
Slap hard, Bitch. Slap slap slap slap slap slap. Slap!

But, I’ll be okay.



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