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The last time I reviewed an album was Efek Rumah Kaca debut album. So pardon me, I’m no one in music thingy, purely a listener. Don’t expect technical stuff, for I write this to my dear friend, Risa.

Ever since Risa sent me “Oh I Never Know”, her duet with @tulusm, I have assurance that her debut will be fantastic. Maybe, I took a different interpretation about the lyrics, but somehow I feel so close with this single. Risa’s voice, the way she sings along the gorgeous strings, made me wanna cry, a relieved one. And Tulus is not only a partner, his voice is so amazing and you know, giving me some kind of another reassurance of that scared-fragile-unsure feeling. ‘I’m gonna be okay.’ That’s my feeling everytime I listen to this song πŸ™‚

Track number 3 is the first song I listened.
Question, remix version that mix-max my feeling. Dried up my emotion, you know, bitter sweet happiness. My whole early 20-ish life basically poured down on this (master)piece. And like it or not, Risa sang my once-a-lullaby better than the original version.

And how about Peter, who become my regular timeline nowadays? Well, whoever man or woman behind the arrangement, darn it, I give you big kudos. Creepy but cherie. Story about Peter definitely made this album (or mini album?) a breaktrough. Non of the elements reminds me of her band. She’s breaking the shell. It’s like playing around in some old rusty house I found near Bersih Sehat Bandung. I feel scared, yet ecstatic. Magnetic? Could be.

Bilur, what can I say, maybe for all of you who read @risa_saraswati twit, know the whole story behind this song, and it crushing my heart. But honey, Ris.. She must be proud out there having this song, it’s beautiful, you are a talented lyricist . And uhm, that traditional music, aint corny or ‘maksa’, meant to be there, blended as one.

Another tracks like Cut and Paste, Fighting Club, Perjalanan also stole my heart, but I don’t have more words to describe beside my absolute standing applause for Sarasvati. Fuck yeah, I’m proud of you πŸ™‚

You ripped my heart and sew the teary pieces, so by the time I wake up, I know I’ll be fine.


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