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Dear G,

Love sucks, eh?
Yeah. Same here. You know it for sure.

All the stories about a beautiful princess meet their handsome prince and live happily ever after are truly bullshit. Well that’s why they called it fairy tale.

Adding the error that human made is a proverb which said woman are the most complicated being. Woman? Really? Hell no. Man it is. Or perhaps, love make us mortal mere complicated.

G, have you watched V?
It’s about alien in human shaped that has zero feeling. Their life easier than us. Not tangled like us. Then again, it’s fiction. Sorry, too much dvds. :p

You know, I miss falling in love again. Just like what you said to me, no matter how disgusting it is, I do miss that feeling. Make us younger (not that we need it) and alive. Not stuck in stack of shit like this, for the sake of love. Lord have mercy, giving us all these trouble.

I wanna sleep well, not worrying about how sucks my love life is. Stop drinking Actified and Panadol.

What is love, G?
Why loving someone that makes us stupid, while we weren’t that air head.

But I’m relieved you could cry over there. I can’t, G. Now, I’m laughing out every time I scored another hole in my heart.

Sleep well, G.
I hope by the time you wake up, you will be lot better and have a clear state of mind.

Let’s find our true love, shall we? Hihi sounds cheesy, eh?!



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