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I change my twitter account from @nonacito to @citopepito for some reasons.

My boss follow me, yes rit’o. Which never be a problem for me. I have nothing to twit about my office life, beside the good ones. I mean, I like my job, though some people could be irritating as hell, hehe.

So why did I change my account? Thought the world should know. Hehe.

My timeline is become so dull? Not really.
Hence, I’m sick of it. A friend tweeting non stop about her wishful thinking, which I know for sure, she aint what she typed.

A guy kept RT-ing every twit, his mellow life, the drama. I just can’t stand a guy who act like a drama queen. It’s okay, if he’s gay, but my gay friends are tougher than him.

A rising star, used to be a leading cast in a phenomenon band, who (yes) kept RT-ing or else giving ‘ ” ‘ to every twit he received. Not to mention, his grudge is spilled like a waterfall.

A well known people who argue too much about other’s taste, which he should know better, taste couldn’t be argued. C’mon, critiques, grow up!

Oh yeah, the TMI and Twitlonger fanatic. Maybe they never know editing. The hashtag abuser, no you’re not funny at all, even if you were my friend. Those who kept complaining about their domestic life.

Yes yes I’m sick of people on my timeline who seems never hesitate every chance of RT-ing. But who am I? I couldn’t just lecturing them how to tweet better and ethic. Well I did, and they are calling me ‘polisi twit’. Sweet Lord..

The beta version of UberTwitter has mute thingy. And for sweets in sugar, I love em for sure. I mute five or so, and my timeline become more better without em twit. Maybe some of my followers mute me also, but like I care, I rarely twit nowadays..

I read my timeline, and it become lot better.
So why the hell I’m changing my account.
Well I just want it to. Hahaha.


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