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I never interested in cooking.

I always thought cooking is disintegrating women. Especially, when man hold a very disturbing standard about their future wife that must cook every single day as one of the highest quality. And when a woman couldn’t reach the bar, the cockiest being in earth easily say, “We’ll you are not qualified enough to be my wife.” Yes peeps, someone actually said that to moi.

As simply it goes, I think that those wishful thinking is shallow.

Well, I cooked back at high school. Yes, when my dearest aunt always made me shopping groceries at 5 am everyday and do the whole cooking.

Then I get tired, I just hate being scolded by her every each day, and what happen next is cooking no longer fun, slavery hahaha.

Years later, I moved to my new place, present one.
It has small kitchen. An old stove. A pan that made all the cooking stick to it. And suddenly, I’m cooking again. I don’t know why. I mean I barely remember the spices (actually I remember all the name in Sundanesse, and Jakarta’s people in my area are rarely familiar with the language), I don’t have mortar and pestle. I only have a pan. Basically, I only have guts and accidentally hiding this from my boyfriend.

Let’s recap what kind of disasters that I made during the whole cooking adventure.

1. I fried corned beef into a wet pan, and all the hot oil flying around, made my skin hurts. Not to mention, there was a big white smoke 😦

2. I made my small kitchen like a sea of used oil. Yeah, stupid me, I put a hot oil into a plastic bottle. It got shrinked and leaked 😦 lot of mopping and mopping all over the place 😦 now I’m confused where the hell I supposed to ditch the used oil.

3. I cooked Kangkung. My culinary reporter told moi that we have to stir onion and other spices until it smells good. Well after minutes, I aint smell nothin. And it become so black, overcooked or scorched I think. I was panic, and I put the Kangkung, but I was to hasty, and then I pour Masako, a lil bit too much, and pouring water to neutral it. Final result? Bubur Kangkung Pahit. 😀

4. I made beef stew. Well this one, in France called Beef Burguinon (cmiiw and I’m sure, I’m wrong). One thing that I forgot was I didn’t boil the meat. The spices are perfect and it made my beef tasted yummy, but the meat itself, damn so hard to chew. Hahaha.

5. Boiling potatoes without cutting it, so the whole process took lot longer then I decided to watch dvd. Guess what happen next?? Overcooked and my new silver pan is doomed!

Well, after a long try out, lotta mistakes, I finally get a grip. I managed to cook by heart, meaning I used instinct to measure the spices and all of the cooking things in my stove. I complete my kitchen with yellow pan, silver-now-blackish-boiling-pan, purple cutting board, blue handle knife, orange bowl. 🙂

Piranti Masakku!

I’m starting to use butter (inspired by Julie & Julia’s flick), and for God’s sake, a whole lot better cooking with butter, lho!

Now I’m cooking maself, no longer eating rice (I don’t have rice cooker, not dieting), cooking my colleagues (pancake, sirloin steak), and on Sunday, I will cook for my boyfriend, Al 🙂

Happy cooking..


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