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Ugly Betty (UB) ended ugly, it got canceled due to bad rating. Sad? Yeah, kinda.
I used to watch UB in Sunday night to Monday morning on cable when I visit my boyfriend’s home.
I never bought the series completely, I like sci-fi and criminal inveetigation or lawyer thingy, and for me UB is just some candy-brain, no need to spend my kaching on it. But, as my impulsive-dvd-shopping attacked me, I decided to.. you know.. give it try.

After watching the series completely, here come my conclusion..

I don’t like Betty. She’s annoying, boringly-naive, and self absorbed person.
I mean, helll-OOO you are working in a leading fashion magazine, what do you expect to write? Saving-the-world article? Na ah! I hate the way Betty said that writing about stilettos and make-up are piece of shit. Well, that’s not the exactly what she said, but you got the whole point, ait?


I have a crush. Err.. no! Crushes.
For whom?

Villains That I Love

Yaiy!!! I heart em so much.
Marc is a gay that I would love to fuck with. Hihihi. He’s smart, bitchy, fashionable, witty, and pessimist.
Amanda in other way is stupidly cute as hell, she’s adorable, kind but cold-heart bitch (pretty confusin, yeah?)!!

A total heart melting situation seeing these two besties in a screen 🙂
These two casts who made me laugh 🙂
Not Betty.

I wish there will some spin-off for these adorable casts. Or for the least expectation, I hope the UB movie is really happening.

By the way, I miss Karen Darling 😦

The-Always-Drunk Karen Darling

I love the way she talks. You know, the one who “Yo! I got all the money and body not to forget my face, so you’ll do what I say!!” 🙂 The power of money..

I heard that my favorite series, Dirty Sexy Money won’t be shooting the third season 😦

Remembering Dirty Sexy Money

The Darling family is hard proof when it comes to money and its power.
I love you, Darling! 🙂
Such a good show, hoping your 3rd season will come out soon, even though it only on DVD.


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  1. gak pernah nonton… 😀

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