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Fuschia or turquoise
Acrylic or oil based paint
Wall or canvas

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in a same world
We can make artwork together
Be the most eclectic couple
Playing romance with doodle
Collaborate in exhibition
Or at least share the same interest

Our backgrounds is flipping 180 degree
Above me, below you
Below me, above you
We’re living in a different language of universe

You brush a canvas
I typed in my netbook

You sing in a beautiful songs
I sing in a bathroom murmuring lyrics

You strokes your guitar
I played an air piano on my keyboard

You think a book without drawing is drowning you to sloopy doppy eyes. I think almost of artwork I seen is rrrr nothing, rarely caught my attention.

We’re different

Changing background in a drop for a while will be nice, don’t you think?
But we’re living a life, where yours are dynamic, and mine robotic.
I’m not complaining, just itsy bitsy envy in my brain.
Heck, I refuse to be live in a lie.
After all, we are loving each other because we’re totally the opposite that attract.


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