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My new cooking utensil

Above all the things in the world, I’m loving my domestic instinct playing around. And guess what? It’s cooking!!
Yep. Don’t know what the hell is wrong (or right?) with me, now my favorite activities to do are grocery shopping, completing my cooking utensil. The latest one, is that yellow pan. Hihi. 🙂

I'll be here again 🙂

Had my first day off from work after two exhausting years.
The vacay tasted sweet, bitch!
Oh by the way, that ugly sandals is not mine :p


Got a new cribs on da hood!
It’s been a month, and I’m loving every second of it 🙂
I never missed my “home”, but along this 30 or so days, I do missin my casa.

Alicia Florrick, My New Idol!

I’m a series buff! The one who could laying down on her bed, watching series non-stop.
The Good Wife, a story about a scorned woman, her husband cheated on her, just like what Clinton did to Hillary.
Love her, love the series 😀

Happy Little Feet

We’ve been together like what? 48 months, 4 years, and how many seconds that I wasted for him? Don’t bother to count, coz I’m happy being wasted with him. You know, people do change into a better one. He’s the example 🙂


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