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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Dear G,

Love sucks, eh?
Yeah. Same here. You know it for sure.

All the stories about a beautiful princess meet their handsome prince and live happily ever after are truly bullshit. Well that’s why they called it fairy tale.

Adding the error that human made is a proverb which said woman are the most complicated being. Woman? Really? Hell no. Man it is. Or perhaps, love make us mortal mere complicated.

G, have you watched V?
It’s about alien in human shaped that has zero feeling. Their life easier than us. Not tangled like us. Then again, it’s fiction. Sorry, too much dvds. :p

You know, I miss falling in love again. Just like what you said to me, no matter how disgusting it is, I do miss that feeling. Make us younger (not that we need it) and alive. Not stuck in stack of shit like this, for the sake of love. Lord have mercy, giving us all these trouble.

I wanna sleep well, not worrying about how sucks my love life is. Stop drinking Actified and Panadol.

What is love, G?
Why loving someone that makes us stupid, while we weren’t that air head.

But I’m relieved you could cry over there. I can’t, G. Now, I’m laughing out every time I scored another hole in my heart.

Sleep well, G.
I hope by the time you wake up, you will be lot better and have a clear state of mind.

Let’s find our true love, shall we? Hihi sounds cheesy, eh?!



Why can I have a normal life?
Falling in love with a normal man who works Monday to Friday, 9 to 6.
Paycheck every end of the month.
Spending his weekends with me, only.
Has friends, but never mind his mind with friends.
Planning every aspects of his life.

Is it because normal life is boring?

Well anyway, today I’m a total bitch.
Believe me, Dear, I don’t like it either.
But I have to.

I know you don’t like being a pushed.
Do you know it make you like a pussy?

Maybe, in the end, it will be easier if we leave each other.
You never love me like you love your friends, I can’t be your priority. Us, has never been a priority.
Gosh! I never learn, right..

Damn it’s true.
Love make you a total bollocks.

Walking in the aisle…

With @estersondang @wisnunununu

With @estersondang @wisnunununu at Carrefour

of groceries and cooking utensils is my happiness nowadays πŸ™‚

I change my twitter account from @nonacito to @citopepito for some reasons.

My boss follow me, yes rit’o. Which never be a problem for me. I have nothing to twit about my office life, beside the good ones. I mean, I like my job, though some people could be irritating as hell, hehe.

So why did I change my account? Thought the world should know. Hehe.

My timeline is become so dull? Not really.
Hence, I’m sick of it. A friend tweeting non stop about her wishful thinking, which I know for sure, she aint what she typed.

A guy kept RT-ing every twit, his mellow life, the drama. I just can’t stand a guy who act like a drama queen. It’s okay, if he’s gay, but my gay friends are tougher than him.

A rising star, used to be a leading cast in a phenomenon band, who (yes) kept RT-ing or else giving ‘ ” ‘ to every twit he received. Not to mention, his grudge is spilled like a waterfall.

A well known people who argue too much about other’s taste, which he should know better, taste couldn’t be argued. C’mon, critiques, grow up!

Oh yeah, the TMI and Twitlonger fanatic. Maybe they never know editing. The hashtag abuser, no you’re not funny at all, even if you were my friend. Those who kept complaining about their domestic life.

Yes yes I’m sick of people on my timeline who seems never hesitate every chance of RT-ing. But who am I? I couldn’t just lecturing them how to tweet better and ethic. Well I did, and they are calling me ‘polisi twit’. Sweet Lord..

The beta version of UberTwitter has mute thingy. And for sweets in sugar, I love em for sure. I mute five or so, and my timeline become more better without em twit. Maybe some of my followers mute me also, but like I care, I rarely twit nowadays..

I read my timeline, and it become lot better.
So why the hell I’m changing my account.
Well I just want it to. Hahaha.

I never interested in cooking.

I always thought cooking is disintegrating women. Especially, when man hold a very disturbing standard about their future wife that must cook every single day as one of the highest quality. And when a woman couldn’t reach the bar, the cockiest being in earth easily say, “We’ll you are not qualified enough to be my wife.” Yes peeps, someone actually said that to moi.

As simply it goes, I think that those wishful thinking is shallow.

Well, I cooked back at high school. Yes, when my dearest aunt always made me shopping groceries at 5 am everyday and do the whole cooking.

Then I get tired, I just hate being scolded by her every each day, and what happen next is cooking no longer fun, slavery hahaha.

Years later, I moved to my new place, present one.
It has small kitchen. An old stove. A pan that made all the cooking stick to it. And suddenly, I’m cooking again. I don’t know why. I mean I barely remember the spices (actually I remember all the name in Sundanesse, and Jakarta’s people in my area are rarely familiar with the language), I don’t have mortar and pestle. I only have a pan. Basically, I only have guts and accidentally hiding this from my boyfriend.

Let’s recap what kind of disasters that I made during the whole cooking adventure.

1. I fried corned beef into a wet pan, and all the hot oil flying around, made my skin hurts. Not to mention, there was a big white smoke 😦

2. I made my small kitchen like a sea of used oil. Yeah, stupid me, I put a hot oil into a plastic bottle. It got shrinked and leaked 😦 lot of mopping and mopping all over the place 😦 now I’m confused where the hell I supposed to ditch the used oil.

3. I cooked Kangkung. My culinary reporter told moi that we have to stir onion and other spices until it smells good. Well after minutes, I aint smell nothin. And it become so black, overcooked or scorched I think. I was panic, and I put the Kangkung, but I was to hasty, and then I pour Masako, a lil bit too much, and pouring water to neutral it. Final result? Bubur Kangkung Pahit. πŸ˜€

4. I made beef stew. Well this one, in France called Beef Burguinon (cmiiw and I’m sure, I’m wrong). One thing that I forgot was I didn’t boil the meat. The spices are perfect and it made my beef tasted yummy, but the meat itself, damn so hard to chew. Hahaha.

5. Boiling potatoes without cutting it, so the whole process took lot longer then I decided to watch dvd. Guess what happen next?? Overcooked and my new silver pan is doomed!

Well, after a long try out, lotta mistakes, I finally get a grip. I managed to cook by heart, meaning I used instinct to measure the spices and all of the cooking things in my stove. I complete my kitchen with yellow pan, silver-now-blackish-boiling-pan, purple cutting board, blue handle knife, orange bowl. πŸ™‚

Piranti Masakku!

I’m starting to use butter (inspired by Julie & Julia’s flick), and for God’s sake, a whole lot better cooking with butter, lho!

Now I’m cooking maself, no longer eating rice (I don’t have rice cooker, not dieting), cooking my colleagues (pancake, sirloin steak), and on Sunday, I will cook for my boyfriend, Al πŸ™‚

Happy cooking..

I thought I was going into a suicide mission
Handling fragility with so much consideration
Not to tore them apart
Or making a crack

I mute down myself
I’m all ear
And here

Baby, you’re such a baby
But I still love you

See you when I see you πŸ˜€

Ugly Betty (UB) ended ugly, it got canceled due to bad rating. Sad? Yeah, kinda.
I used to watch UB in Sunday night to Monday morning on cable when I visit my boyfriend’s home.
I never bought the series completely, I like sci-fi and criminal inveetigation or lawyer thingy, and for me UB is just some candy-brain, no need to spend my kaching on it. But, as my impulsive-dvd-shopping attacked me, I decided to.. you know.. give it try.

After watching the series completely, here come my conclusion..

I don’t like Betty. She’s annoying, boringly-naive, and self absorbed person.
I mean, helll-OOO you are working in a leading fashion magazine, what do you expect to write? Saving-the-world article? Na ah! I hate the way Betty said that writing about stilettos and make-up are piece of shit. Well, that’s not the exactly what she said, but you got the whole point, ait?


I have a crush. Err.. no! Crushes.
For whom?

Villains That I Love

Yaiy!!! I heart em so much.
Marc is a gay that I would love to fuck with. Hihihi. He’s smart, bitchy, fashionable, witty, and pessimist.
Amanda in other way is stupidly cute as hell, she’s adorable, kind but cold-heart bitch (pretty confusin, yeah?)!!

A total heart melting situation seeing these two besties in a screen πŸ™‚
These two casts who made me laugh πŸ™‚
Not Betty.

I wish there will some spin-off for these adorable casts. Or for the least expectation, I hope the UB movie is really happening.

By the way, I miss Karen Darling 😦

The-Always-Drunk Karen Darling

I love the way she talks. You know, the one who “Yo! I got all the money and body not to forget my face, so you’ll do what I say!!” πŸ™‚ The power of money..

I heard that my favorite series, Dirty Sexy Money won’t be shooting the third season 😦

Remembering Dirty Sexy Money

The Darling family is hard proof when it comes to money and its power.
I love you, Darling! πŸ™‚
Such a good show, hoping your 3rd season will come out soon, even though it only on DVD.

Fuschia or turquoise
Acrylic or oil based paint
Wall or canvas

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in a same world
We can make artwork together
Be the most eclectic couple
Playing romance with doodle
Collaborate in exhibition
Or at least share the same interest

Our backgrounds is flipping 180 degree
Above me, below you
Below me, above you
We’re living in a different language of universe

You brush a canvas
I typed in my netbook

You sing in a beautiful songs
I sing in a bathroom murmuring lyrics

You strokes your guitar
I played an air piano on my keyboard

You think a book without drawing is drowning you to sloopy doppy eyes. I think almost of artwork I seen is rrrr nothing, rarely caught my attention.

We’re different

Changing background in a drop for a while will be nice, don’t you think?
But we’re living a life, where yours are dynamic, and mine robotic.
I’m not complaining, just itsy bitsy envy in my brain.
Heck, I refuse to be live in a lie.
After all, we are loving each other because we’re totally the opposite that attract.

Up and Down

Up and Down

Don’t wake up, won’t wake up, can’t wake up, no, don’t wake me up.

Candy bracelet shine, doing fine candy sad and low.

To try to hold on to this heart a little bit closer. Try to hold on to this love aloud. Try to hold on for this heart’s a little bit older.

Colour my heartΒ  make it restart. Colour my heart, I want it more than I ever knew.

One’s the touch. Two’s the feeling. Three’s the answer. Four the meaning. Five and six are the Devil’s kicks. So seven better be heaven.

I thought I saw your face today, but I just turned my face away. Your face against the trees, but I just see the memories
as they come. And I couldn’t help but fall in love again, no I couldn’t help but fall in love again.

Oh half of my heart’s get a grip on the situation, half of my heart takes time, half of my heart’s got a right mind, to tell you that I can’t keep lovin you with half of my heart.

4 weeks and still counting.

Sweats falling down from your eyebrows
You were boozah whooshha lalalalala
My molecular cells screaming loud greedy

Yeah it is.

Can we go to the past..
Reminiscing sweet nectar of dripping sweats..

Not nostalgic, it’s magic
Since sparks never gone, covered by dust, we only need an oil paper to wipe the tired face, and blush blush, here comes the sparks again..


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