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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I miss you, Mon Bebe


Couple years ago, he wouldn’t even move his eyebrows when I asked him to watch a movie.
Today, he was nothin like it, he said yes with no further argue, instead he added, “Okay, I think it’ll be great.”

Same day, different year, he would have his mouth full of rejection when I asked him to pick me up on Friday, after working in a tight deadline. Today, he’ll be right outside the building smiling and make me wanna hug him so hard that it’ll break his bones.

Nowadays, he’s struggling for the sake of his life. Working non-stop on whatever projects, small or big, it doesn’t matter as long as he’s happy. I hate this sometimes, because now he’s working like hell, leaving me all alone. But, deep down inside I feel grateful.

Maybe, there is someone who can change. Not the way they are, but to be a better person. We just have to be patient until reality of hard-ass life beamed them up.

And for greater things that will happen to me and him, I’m so happy, I could even twit this, I’m afraid I’m gonna jinx it. 🙂

I love him like I used to feel when I met him the very second time. Like always, I don’t give a shit for every pouty mouth telling me what’s right what’s wrong, because in the end, he’s more than meets the eyes, he’s my Aidan and my Big, for there I’m officialy carried away..

I love you, Item..

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