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I always think that I’m easily falling in love.
But when I recap all those bizarre momento, I recall I always had and having a long term relationship. Those took leaps of years, 2 or 3. And next month, I’ll be on my 4th years with him.

I fall in love like twice or third.. Hmm…
Okay, third. That 2nd Taurean made to the list.

I always have simple reason for falling. Either I like the bone structure or the way that person’s smiling. Or as ridiculous as their teeth look.

So then I remember the movie I saw couple of weeks ago, An Education. My boyfriend fall asleep watching it, and by the way I hate the way the movie ends. It’s too surreal, way h-wood way, I want sorrow not joyful.

Anyway who would’ve resist that David Goldman persona. Old, handsome, and as a bonus, he could take you to Paris. Ah mercie, Monsieur. He could make your parent shut the hell up, and bring you to your infinite dreams. I want that one, please. So Jenny Miller is fascinated by him, yet her parents also. Yes, predictable. Fall in love so quickly as the aching heart comes along behind her a few steps behind.

I wanna be Jenny Miller. Her life shattered after she found out who Goldman truly is.
A cheater, bastard, jerk, you name it.
She truly love him though, for he bring her to every little girl dream.
And she moved on really QUICK.
Has a new beau on her age, got into Oxford (fuck yeah), and then her boyfriend ask her to go to Paris with him, and she said, “One of the boys I dated, and they were boys, suggested that we go to Paris and I said I’d always wanted to see Paris. As if I’d never been!”

I wish I have my Goldman, got Jenny’s hunch.
Hard to fall, easy to heal.


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