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Monday mayhem.
Feels excited as always, don’t bother lack of sleeping coz work loads always be a winner in my core.
I got a good hunch about us. I imagine next week, I’ll see you again with bunch of comfort. But it aint happen since you are off with your besties.

Honey, do you even remember why I need to see you this week? You’re not, I guess. Too busy with your fab plans. I’m only a baby sitter for a baby boy like you.

I feel like I’m single inside out.
No relationship 24/7, not even a minute.
Since the whole universe must be revolving on you, only. Been like a scavenger hunting for winds to catch. Waving goodbye for forever, I’ve been waiting to.

Tell me, baby boy..
Are you even there for real
If it’s only a status, I aint need it for sure

You’re a baby boy
Always will be
You won’t get what I said
I won’t get what you said


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