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You breath the same air like humans around you.
Your eyes picturing every details of gestures they made. I see your friends, or in my world I defined them as my hello-goodbye friends in a place filled with mosquitoes.

Busy talking about one thing, that after I know you for years, eventually it only took a year or so til its fade away. One take a ride, others join the brotherhood, makin a club, and if you left out, sorry baby, you aint kewl. I know he’s hoping I could join the tour, but no, I’m not having any interest to mingle with yours truly.

I see love birds. The latest formation of bounding. Which somehow make me feel like I’m livin in 90210 series.

A puppy eyes girl who keep her cell phone on her boyfriend’s pocket. When it rang, both seeing each other. There I peek, there I saw unidentified number. They were still awkwardly looking at each other, as if their minds are speaking in some lingo.

Pick up or not.
She press the red button. Minutes away, it rings back.
Yes, repeating those momento again. Boyfriend nod to the ‘confused’ girlfriend. Magicoala! She finally pick up the call.

What I see is some people are enjoy being dominated, having someone else making decision for the itzy bitzy details and actions in their life. The joy of being tied in an absurd rules. Don’t go hissing, because I know you like it.

An old flame with his new boo who just got back from vacay. Her ex with her new boyfriend who couldn’t stop talking about wedding bells, while I knew that he’s whining about her stubbornness. Old flame’s girlfriend’s ex who came along past midnite.

Every time I breathe the same air with them, its like a movie reel being played in my brain. A boring one.
Oh honey.. You talk about posers, while you’re one of them.

Get me out of here.


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