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I passed Monday with some hot caramel on my armpit and my vagina. It got pulled hard by some tape. I heard a lot of girls would go hysterically screaming. But my ego lead me to not screaming at all. I bite my index finger and go hissing by swearing.

All I can think is, “So this is how the Japanese do that candle thingy while fucking.” Damn it’s hot yet painful, but felt good.

And now I’m bald.
I move backward to my pre-puberty, no hair. I’m happy.

I even made myself went home early, when day is still a day and sunset, there I can see it 😀 a rare occasion.

I bought some dvds.
As always. Cops, murder, alien, supernatural, drama themes. I’m happy I have them to watch and accompanying me while I’m alone.

My friend, LS, ping! me. She promised to do some card reading. Yes, I’m a fortune teller addict. I asked her about my job, upcoming vacay, and of course, love life. Boring-boring-boring, as you may say in your heart, but I’m boink-boink-boink jumping on the trampoline and smiling.

I’m not gonna tell the dets. But, all and all, my job is in a good condition. As always, unhappy prophecy of love life :p and something about the weather in Phuket. Haha.

On Friday, I’m gonna have my spa day. Last time I checked, I did it on 2006. So ‘Ewwww’ of me, ya? Well, screw me. At least now I have my me-time.

I wanna make myself happy by the things I like.

Cherioooo :p


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