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I’m working at women’s tabloid.
We coverage everything that women needs.
Including, yeah, gossips.

Although gossip pages are only around 6. But people already dictate us as a gossip tabloid.

And like other office, we do have our own juicy doze of gossips.

I was there, hearing tit and tat. Many of the times, I spend lots of my time sharing latest ‘news’. My purpose? I’d like to know more about my office political map.

Sounds cheesy?!
I bet. But put yours into my shoes, u’ll get why I need to know things, including the forbidden one or perhaps some unreliable sources.

But then, I got tired.
Why do we have to waste our time into some rubbish talking about unimportant tales.
We didn’t get any raise or promotion because that absurd activity.

So, I rarely go lunch with them. Lunchy is the perfect time zone to gossip. Well, first of all I’m fully occupied with my new job desk. Somehow, I feel life is easier when I’m not around them.

You see, when you talk about someone else with someone, in the other room, where u didn’t exist, that someone is talking about u with someone else.

And now here I am, feeling dazed and confused. Literally, ketinggalan kereta, because I have no idea what’s the fuss on my office. But somehow I’m dazzlingly and confusingly happy without gossiping πŸ™‚

Oh by the way, I’m writing an article about dealing with gossips in workplace. Care to buy and read my article on the tabloid? Worth to buy, lho. Since it come from someone who were once gossiping in the play land πŸ˜€


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