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Today, I celebrate one of my besties bday, L.
She’s officially 26, but 19 on her soul. 😀

I’m a scorpio, sentimental one. She, on the other hand is an aries, the pure logical.

But we get along quite well. To be honest, I never have this kind of relationship before. I find it hard to have a long lasting friendship. So yeah, I’m happy 😀

I’m hoping she still could join Phuket trip on May. I bet it will be superb when she’s also there :p

Talking about Phuket. And all of our (me and my girlfriends) chitty chat back at Al-Azhar this nite, I’m thinking about taking my last straw towards my boyfriend.

Phuket it is. Yep, there goes my last straw.
I’m gonna do some deep thinking while I’m in Phuket, and away from him. Who knows, I could have more sane thoughts.

I wanna be happy all and out. It’s not that I’m a needy person, but I do really need someone I can count on, where as in him, I don’t find that quality, and other qualities. As I recall, I think he has the same opinion about me and our relationship.

I’m sure that he’s not sure about me.

So yeah, I’m gonna take my last straw.

By the way, my friend told me that I’m the most optimist person in the world, because I go out with someone for years, without no ring or stable future.

Great. What an irony. I could see myself laughing at myself 😥


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