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I used to laugh them, the 25-ish people, especially woman who were worried about their future.

A wedding.
Marriage life.
Husband. Kids. Home.

Now I’m going 26.
And I’m anxious about my ‘future’ also. Yeah, who’s laughing now?! D’oh.

Couldn’t stop thinking about lotsa what-if.
I’m 26 this year, next year I’ll be 27, and then I wake up another year to celebrate my 28. Maybe, one day I’ll stop counting because I’m too tired, well I’m hoping another reason which is I don’t care about my future life. I’ll just go on with my life. Skeptical.

Maybe I won’t be able to finally say the ultimate words from Kasino when he saw a girl passing him by. He said, “Cewek ini ga bawa sial, pasti dia jodohku.”

Or finally singing Barbra Streissand “I Finally Found Someone” for real.

Maybe I won’t.
Oh well..


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