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I never like road trip, meaning using car or bus. Unromantic, exhausting, and literally pain in the ass. Hehe.

Well I have one interesting road trip, back when I still working in Bandung with my colleague who I called Kakak. He decided that when we got back to Bandung, to use Pantura route.

Desert. Dry. A beach, rocky and filthy one. Now that interesting 🙂 I felt like I was in twilight zone haha.

Then here I am. Working in an unfriendly office hours. Really, I mean really exhausting both mentally and physically. Lucky for me, I have another colleague, R. He said, “We have to go on vacation, at least once in a year.” I said, “And the money come from???” He answered, “If you want it, you can have it. It’s cheap, no.. It’s priceless.”

December 2009, in the middle of my assignment of covering an editor who took a maternity leave for 3 months, I bought two tickets. Which destination? Phuket!

I bought two, coz my boyfriend wanna join the trip. Then my girlfriends decided to come along, so did my boyfriends. All I can think about is how awesome this trip would be. 😀

But nothing come easily, ait?
It was a bless that I got promoted as an editor. Along with that comes a duty, I have some obligation not to leave my job. Coz uhm.. I took 3 days off plus national holiday. Practically I will miss one edition. And I feel guilty. 😦

Short long story. I got my day off approved my boss.

But that’s not the end. One of my girlfriend couldn’t join the trip, because recently she just got a new job. Another girlfriend has little chance to come along, due the same reason. Well, I still hope they can make it. Fingers crossed.

So, are everything well set and done? Nope!!

Apparently, dearly boyfriend never tell his management about the trip. So the management already sign another gigs to play on the day we take vacation.

How does it feel?
First of all, it sucks. The fact that he didn’t care or brave enough to speak about this vacation, is really SUCKS. And I loathe him for this.

Did he apologized? No he didn’t.

I just don’t get how men thinks. And yes of course I cried. Not in front of him, mind you. I am really disappointed. Those negativity that I will not become his priority, now or later, strike back.

So I’ll be single in Phuket. That’s all I could think about, since all of my friends come along with their partner. Congratulation, C!

Anyone care to be my +1?
There’s a vacancy for vacation to be filled up 🙂


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