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Do you know a show called MTV Getar Cinta?

It was a popular show at 90’s, when I was still in junior and high school. MTV’s the coolest thing, everyone in my age watched the channel. We were called Y Generation. Or X generation, ya? Hahaha.

One of friend from high school got his letter read on VJ Jamie’s show. We are all excited. By the way, til today I’m still a big fan of Jamie Aditya, Nadya Hutagalung and of course the notorious Sarah Sechan.

Well, Sarah Sechan was the original host for MTV Getar Cinta. I love astrology, and this part is the one I’ve always waited. Hihi. Sarah also read letters from the viewers (dummy, I assume).

The one that I always remember is a letter that telling about a jaloux boyfriend. Reason? Because he caught her girlfriend (the letter’s owner) eating bakso (meatball in Bahasa Indonesia) with another guy.

Sarah answered it with her style, she said that no wonder someone got rapid jealousy, coz in Indonesia, eating bakso is like a date. Hahaha. Oh my, that’s so TRUE. Not candle light dinner or another exquisite thingy, it’s meatball, period and that’s what we called A HIGH PRIORITY signs of dating.

Well, 2010 now, and I don’t know for sure if meatball still a hip! Hihi. But tonight, I ate meatball. Bakso Malang, to be spesific. I crave for bakso since noon, I dream of the sour-hot-spicy-fatty sensation on my tongue. I’m officialy lingering for a portion of meatball.

Mission completed. My boyfriend even asked for another portion. 😀

Happy saturday nite, guys :*


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