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Life is never easy.

Yeah, you know that. I know that. In fact, everyone in the whole world know that for sure.

Maybe, the heiress herself, *cough*, Paris Hilton has her own trouble. Maybe she has zits on her booty, or she couldn’t fart. Who knows, rite?

And here I am. 25 years old. Common people (according to my teenage model, who referring herself as ‘orang berada’). Struggling for decent future life. Blablabla.

As a common people live in a modern vibrant city with different people. Some act friendly, while some full of shit, or maybe kind of back-stabber. Oh wait, weirdo, ice-queen, super lame joke type and so on.

Just like evolution theory, or maybe mutualism symbiotic, people choose people to be friend with. Of course, those who are on the list, has some categories to be fit in. One by one they gone, and voila, ‘best friends’ or ‘sahabat’ made of.

It’s impossible you pick someone who has nothing in common in you.
It could be: hobby, way of thinking, physical attraction, anything.. That makes you comfy in the zone sharing and spending time with them.

It means = there are some people left in your life. They got cut out, not ‘cute enough’ to be your friend. They are just another people passing by in your life, even your eyes won’t notice. If you look like care enough with them, it’s only a matter of ethics. People live here, no matter how individualistic they are, we are still care to ‘bother’ other’s problemo.

Okay, so come again..
Why life is uneasy?

It’s easy when you decide not to like people.
It’s NOT easy dealing with people who don’t like you.

Especially for moi.
I’m a thinker, haha, meaning: I tend to think a lot about unimportant stuffs.

But then, we don’t have any rights to push people liking us. We’re not angels or god, errrr, eventually there are human who hate god.

It doesn’t feel good when you feel that negative vibration, full-of-hate face, unfriendly voice.

But I have to deal with it.
I don’t want my life ruinned or disturbed just because one-two-three-100 people doesn’t like me.

My life is precious.
I never had bad intention for people around me. I believe in good deeds. So yeah, you may hate me for all-wrong-reasons, but if I were happen to make mistakes upon you, do share it with me. I’m all open wide, baby.. Hehe.

In the end, not everyone will like you.
But, so what if you hate me? I have an amazing life I should be thankful for, and having you in my life as colours that burst onto my canvas of fate and inspiration to write this post.

Smooches :*


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