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Never been here before.

I guess they were right. There’s always a first time for everything. For instance, jealousy over a guy.

I mean, if I weren’t at the same place where my boyfriend, me, and that guy, probably I would have that cynical smirk and saying, “C’mon! A guy?”

But yes.. I feel jealous.
That man, even before me and my boyfriend arrived at the gallery, he kept calling-bbm-texting-you name it.

Wherever my boyfriend goes, he goes.
Perhaps “biji sama peler” will perfectly fit for him and my boyfriend.
Then he hugged my boyfriend, holding his hands, leaving me behind.

Actually I had a picture of them sharing laugh while holding hands.
But it’s too risky to put it here. Hehehe


Even when my boyfriend went smoking, he followed him.
When I decided to runaway from a room full of smokes-I-could-die-inside and ask my boyfriend to come along with, I heard him desperately screaming, “I’ll come with you in a minute.”

What is he? Hahha. Oh my.. Is he gay? Does my boyfriend a gay or a bi?
And what the hell am I writing here?

Jealousy over a guy?
Oh c’mon. You could do better than that. Or yet, GET A LIFE, Cito!


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