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Monthly Archives: February 2010

February. Got 4 free days. Long weekend.

I’m quite happy when I’m awake.
But when I’m sleeping, that darn nightmare haunting me.

Work. Office. Text. Photo. Boss.

Uh! I hate my dreams.

I feel stressed out thinking how many pages I should prepared. Dealing with my boss. How to handle my reporter. It’s tough being an editor, especially when you’re a newbie.

Hear hear..
I’ll change the whole system starting tomorrow. I need to speak clearly, wisely, about the job we need to share.

Okay. Time to sleep.
I just cancelled my plan to write an article.
I need a break from work, at least when I’m awake, since when my eyes closed, those nitemare buggering me.

Happy monday. Errrrr…


On our way to hear the very first mixing of his band. Located not far away for Fatmawati, but in a sudden, rain caught us. So we decided to take a break, and having (errr, what we called this).. Too late for lunch, too early for dinner..

Warteg. Canteen that is really popular in Jakarta, serves cheap food tasted not bad at all. Well, if you are lucky, it will taste yummy. And if you are super lucky, warteg has no bad smell..

I always love eating at warteg, though some people considering that place is not exclusive, or hygiene enough. But I don’t care. I’m not a picky person. For me eating is eating, easily satisfied, cheap bastard I am.


Never been here before.

I guess they were right. There’s always a first time for everything. For instance, jealousy over a guy.

I mean, if I weren’t at the same place where my boyfriend, me, and that guy, probably I would have that cynical smirk and saying, “C’mon! A guy?”

But yes.. I feel jealous.
That man, even before me and my boyfriend arrived at the gallery, he kept calling-bbm-texting-you name it.

Wherever my boyfriend goes, he goes.
Perhaps “biji sama peler” will perfectly fit for him and my boyfriend.
Then he hugged my boyfriend, holding his hands, leaving me behind.

Actually I had a picture of them sharing laugh while holding hands.
But it’s too risky to put it here. Hehehe


Even when my boyfriend went smoking, he followed him.
When I decided to runaway from a room full of smokes-I-could-die-inside and ask my boyfriend to come along with, I heard him desperately screaming, “I’ll come with you in a minute.”

What is he? Hahha. Oh my.. Is he gay? Does my boyfriend a gay or a bi?
And what the hell am I writing here?

Jealousy over a guy?
Oh c’mon. You could do better than that. Or yet, GET A LIFE, Cito!

Joy Division’s song.. Love Will Tear Us Apart. Happen literally on The Time Traveler’s Wife.

He could go anytime, even if he doesn’t want to go.
So she shall be waiting.
Don’t know when he’ll come back.
Even when he’s comeback, maybe it’s him but in older version.
Weird but sweet.

Talking about patience, compromise, and most of all love..
Clare and Henry has it all.

Kinda remind me of myself dealing with him for almost 4 years.


Saya bosan:

memikirkan semua hal yang melintas di depan saya.
terikat secara emosional dengan permasalahan orang lain atau tepatnya mudah terprovokasi.
mengurus kebutuhan orang lain.

Saya ingin saya untuk saya.
Saya ingin tidak peduli.

Saya ingin lebih memikirkan diri saya sendiri, tanpa harus merasa tidak enak terhadap orang lain.
Ehm judulnya EGOIS, ya?

Bisa tidak, ya?

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